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Album released!

2009-05-03 20:43:03 by spidy1217

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I present to you "suit up" from Brandeis VoiceMale. An a cappella album featuring eight covers, two originals, and one remix. Normally the CD would be up for purchase, but I figure many people in the NG community will never actually get a chance to buy one, so I've posted the link to a zip file containing mp3's of every track on the album. Take a listen and tell me what you think!

download the album as a .zip file

VoiceMale Homepage


Album released!

Designing a Logo

2008-07-24 00:08:17 by spidy1217

So I dig newgrounds because there is basically limitless creativity here. I've seen every style under the sun, from a brooding music video to the awesome-est, most explicit COCK JOKE !

So when the task fell to me to create a logo for my a cappella group, I naturally thought, "I bet the folks at NG can make an awesome logo. So I throw the task to you. Something simple and straightforward is all I ask. I promise I am not getting paid for this, nor am I just hitting the NG community up for cheap labor. I respect what folks do here and I want to see what comes out of this.

Here's the deal:

The group is names VoiceMale (feel free to use the abbreviated, more iconic VM)
We come from Brandeis University in Waltham, MA
We are an all-male a cappella group (here come the cock jokes...)
our website is
The logo will end up on a shirt, so 1-2 colors please

What do you get in return? A thank you on our new CD, due out in the fall. This may not seem like much, but our CD's reach thousands of people all over the country, and they bring your name with them. You also get my eternal thanks. and a shiny new nickle!

Thanks NG, I owe you one.